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will update soon… got busy with some other stuff… 🙂

oh i miss poetry. Where art though my muse?


Umbrella Guy

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For ria’s Umbrella Guy

hey umbrella guy,
can i stand under the
rain by your side?
Cause it’s pouring
down buckets,
and I’m already soaked
from the inside.

hey umbrella guy,
will you show me
what clear skies look like?
Paint them under
our shade,
fill these grays with
blues, greens and reds.

hey umbrella guy,
will you go away
when the rain subsides?
Cause i really would like
to see, if the sunshine
is as beautiful
as the rain you’ve shown me.

something to smile about

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I was having a not-so-good-day today. Then I logged in to my account in a site for amateur and professional Filipino writers. I posted some poems there a couple of weeks ago and i got these comments and PMs in my inbox. Thanks much for making me smile today.”

“the language that you use is very simple and direct and it’s easy to appreciate your poem. i think you’ve chosen your words very carefully and there’s a nice diction to it.” – on empty mannequins


I like your poem, as a matter of fact, I can even see a rough silhouette of a mannequin bust (if this is aligned in the center) ” – on empty mannequins


…okay yung kasalukuyang set-up…nagbibigay ng ligalig yung mga antala at mas napapanindigan yung pagka”stoic”…dahil sa pambibitin, pinaeexcite nito yung reader at pinagtatanong “ano yung tungkol sa manikin? bakit mukhang malungkot sila? trapik saan? bababa saan? maging kabilang sa? et al” mas napaninidigan yung mga tanong na “do you know?” – on empty mannequins


“…pinapabayaan tayong magtaka ng mga pambibitin. parang mga manikang nakatitig sa tula.” – on empty mannequins“masarap na klase ng bitin (hindi ‘to bastos ha). na kahit may excitement hindi nawawalan ng meaning ang bawat linya.*apir *!” – on empty mannequins


“bihira kong magustuhan ang rhetorics but this one is simply impressive… sincere… .. and the questions are never annoying…. and at the final line …there is such lightness…” – on In Every little thing


“how lovely. somehow the poem gave me a feeling of peace and somehow it makes me feel like crying. Finally. something to throw me off my mechanical chores. i’m feeling something again…” – on Autumn Leaves


“I love the image that your lines created in my mind.” – on Autumn Leaves


“…Parang ang sarap tuloy maglakad-lakad…siyempre with matching falling autumn leaves.” – on Autumn Leaves


“aaah….refreshing ang makabasa nito. hindi masyado binibigyang problema ang mga mambabasa dahil salalayan ng tula yung imahe. cinematic ang dating.” – on Autumn Leaves


“i just love the ending “i shall not cry, you shall hear singing” – on Autumn Leaves


wow..damn! i like the story, the structure and everything.” – on The Flight


“damn it… your so good… i can breathe and gasp within your poetry… all of your poems…. they seem to put me in this cubicle and want myself to slap me in the face using my own hands….its difficult to come out your poems…. but i like it there and i feel supplemented…” – on The Flight


“yet another’re now officially one of my fave poets here..” – on Watermark



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One thing that really ticks me off are cheaters, in all sizes, forms and shapes. For my friend who’s had the misfortune of knowing one.

Don’t stare too long on that close door, the whole roof is open for you. )


Your promises was her world
your world was her universe
your universe was her life
your life was her own

all you had were empty lies
all you had were empty words
all you had were cowardly truths
that you haven’t had the will to prove

“close your eyes,
and count backwards” you tell her
“and after awhile i’ll be gone”
how dare you tell her
to sleep the pain away
for you’ve found solace in
someone elses arms

close your eyes now
and count backwards
and remember how you made her cry
beware the tears of a woman scorned
they are her bloody prayers to heavens door

Everybody gets what they deserve….

Autumn Leaves

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i don’t want to be a solitary leaf
left hanging by a torn twig
waiting for the final
sunset to grace my night
and serve as my last full show

if i shall choose my way
to fall
i desire to be one like those
autumn leaves
coloring the earth
like newly painted orange bricks

and as i feel that last push of life
pulsing through my mangled veins
it would be like the sound
of stepping on a pile of autumn leaves
i shall not cry,

     you shall hear singing

empty mannequins

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empty mannequins
they look so sad
staring at the dense
traffic of the uptown
would you rather
go down from
your platform
and be one
among the throngs
of moving bodies?
Do you sing
as Ariel does
as you watch them
glide, and slide
and dance
their merry way…
Do you wish
to know the
reason why
their eyes
speaks life
and yours
speaks of…
Do you feel
sick as their
wandering eyes
looks at
evrything in you
but not you?
Their question
of whether its
worth it,
is not for you
to answer?
Poor poor
stoic friend,
down yet another
gown for the season
that’s never yours to keep.

hehe… i don’t know why i wrote this one. Have no particular emotion to convey. While writing though i thought i’d end up saying there’s more to empty mannequins than their almost-perfect-bodies-it-looks-so-freaking-hilarious, but *sigh* i don’t feel that right now.. i feel… there’s nothing more to it. A dead-excuse-for-a-person. Harsh. Hehehe

In Every Little thing

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As fireflies dance
with the music of the night
        we ask why they flicker
and sway in the moonlight

Like the swirling river
that glides along rocks
        as body glides against another
we ask how and why

Like each drop of rain
we wonder what prompts them
        to have their own puddle
and create an earth crater

As bamboo bends with the wind
and raise its arms in total
        surrender to the master
that has it captive

Now, I’m tempted to ask
        how does your heart
beat along with mine

the answer i guess…
is in every little thing